SCI 论文后因查重率太高而被拒,修改后还可以重投这个期刊么?


  SCI 论文后因查重率太高而被拒,修改后还可以重投这个期刊么?。编辑新建如下:
Dear ***,

Reviewers comments on your work have now been received. For your guidance, I append the reviewers comments below. As you can see, the reviewers have raised serious criticism of your manuscript.

In view of the comments made, I regret to inform you that I must reject it and your manuscript cannot be further considered for publication in ***.

I am sorry not to have better news on this occasion and thank you for choosing *** as a publishing medium.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. ***

Reviewers comments:
Editors comments
Your manuscript was checked for similarity content using iThenticate software by the screening department of the *** journal. It was found that there are some areas of text to the extent of 37% that are identical to other published manuscripts by yourself and/or other authors.This infringes on copyright laws.

重复的地方改下,然后润色下,写个cover letter 重投,也许有希望。如果是结果与讨论重复过多那就不用试了




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